How to remove AdjustableProcess from Mac

Complete AdjustableProcess removal guide

AdjustableProcess is a potentially unwanted application that serves intrusive ad-based campaigns like adware and alters browsers’ settings to promote a fake search engine like browser hijacker application. In other word, this application poses dual characters of both adware and browser hijacker. Additionally, it tracks users’ browsing session like other apps of these cyber-intruders do. More often than not people download AdjustableProcess app inadvertently, and therefore this app is also considered to be a potentially unwanted application.

More about AdjustableProcess

AdjustableProcess ads such as pop-ups, banners, coupons, surveys, full-page and other intrusive ones typically appear on each page that users visit online. Such ads severely diminish the browsing experience as they overlay third party graphical content and slowdown browsing speed. In addition, they have redirecting feature, once being clicked- they redirect users to various untrustworthy/malicious websites and some of them can even cause stealth download/ installation.

Like other browser hijacker applications, AdjustableProcess alters the browsers’ settings such as homepage, new tab pages and default search engine options in order to promote an address of a fake search engine. Typically, fake search engines are not capable of displaying their own search results. Therefore, they tend to redirect users to Google, Bing, Yahoo or other genuine web search engines. Users are not able to undo the changes done on the browsers’ settings till AdjustableProcess is removed. As a rule, such an app is designed to reassign any changes made by users and forces them to visit the address of promoted URL all the time when they open their browsing tab and enter any queries on the URL bar.

As mentioned earlier in the introduction, AdjustableProcess app can be designed to track users’ browsing session and collect the data related to their web browsing activities. The list of the collected data includes IP addresses, Search queries, Viewed pages, URLs visited, ISP, Type of OS and browser used and etc. These data could be shared with potent crooks who misuse them to generate illicit revenue. In summary, presence of the unwanted software on devices can result into system infections, financial loses, serious privacy issues and even identity theft. So, if you have any suspicion in your mind of the cyber infection, run a full system scan using some reputable antivirus that that can detect and delete AdjustableProcess and all associated components.

How did AdjustableProcess intrude in?

PUAs are distributed via download/ install setups of other software. The deceptive bundling allows packing of one app with unwanted and malicious ones. Usually, the information about the additional components installation is hidden behind Custom/Advanced and similar settings. Users have the common behavior of not paying enough attention to the download/ installation setups and just skipping the installation step. Through the process, they avoid checking and changing the aforementioned settings and allow the inadvertent installation of unwanted apps. Intrusive ads can cause PUAs installation as well. Once clicked on, they run certain scripts designed to cause stealth download/ install without users’ consent.

How to prevent PUPs installation?

It is important to research software well before download/ install and/or purchase. Use only official websites and direct links for any software download. Untrustworthy downloading channels such as p2p networks, free file hosting sites and third party downloaders/ installers – are commonly used to offer dubious and/or bundled content. Also, pay close attention during installation moment – analyze each step using Custom/Advanced option and manually opt out all additionally attached apps and decline all offers. Intrusive ads appear on any untrustworthy pages such as gambling, adult dating and pornography should never be clicked as well -as they often redirect  to various unreliable pages or run certain scripts designed to download/ install software (i.e., PUAs).

Threat Summary

Name: AdjustableProcess

Threat type: Mac virus, Mac malware

Symptoms: Your Mac becomes slower than normal. You see unwanted pop-ups, and fake redirection to dubious websites

Distribution methods: deceptive pop-ups, free software installers (bundling), fake flash player installers, torrent file downloads

Damage: Internet browser tracking (potentially privacy issues), display of unwanted ads, redirects to dubious websites, loss of private information

Malware removal: To eliminate possible malware infections, scan your Mac with reputable antivirus tool or follow manual instruction provided below the post

Remove AdjustableProcess fully

Use some reputable antivirus tool and automatically remove AdjustableProcess from the system. However, if you have decided to perform the removal process manually, you are welcome with our manual step-by-step provided below.


If your Mac has been infected, try for powerful Anti-malware Combo Cleaner. It scans your entire drive and allow you search for malicious viruses. If you found any virus during scanning, it is suggested to eliminate soon.

Recommended methods for AdjustableProcess removal: Solution for Mac OS X Devices

AdjustableProcess is capable of injecting harmful codes in your Mac OS X devices without your knowledge and starts corrupting major genuine functions or applications in very quick time. To avoid the detection of malicious activities related to this virus, attackers attempt to block security applications/tools running in your device that causes serious troubles. So, you need to remove this type of infection as soon as possible.

It is possible to delete AdjustableProcess and all the related components including unwanted programs from PCs and malicious extensions associated to this virus. Here, we are discussing about manual method and automatic method of malware removal that could help you to detect the location malicious files in your computer and remove them safely. Manual method is time consuming and requires lots of technical knowledge or enough computer Knowledge. On other hand, automatic method is user-friendly and easy method that can be helpful for both technical & non-technical users. Let’s take have a look at both the methods one-by-one.

Manual Method: Remove AdjustableProcess related components from Mac OS X

Remove AdjustableProcess related applications from “Applications” folder

  • Click on “Finder” icon and select “Applications” to open “Applications” folder
  • In the opened “Applications” folder, locate AdjustableProcess related applications in the list
  • Select the malicious one and drag it to “Trash” folder

Eliminate AdjustableProcess from “LaunchAgents” folder

  • Go to “Go > Go To Folder…”
  • Type “/Library/LaunchAgents” in “Go To Folder..” and click on “Go” button
  • Now, search for malicious programs in the list
  • Select it and drag it to “Trash” folder

Remove AdjustableProcess from “Application Support” folder

  • Navigate to “Go > Go To Folder…”
  • In the opened “Go To Folder”, type “/Library /Application Support” and then click on “Go” button
  • Now, find the malicious files or folders related to AdjustableProcess in the list
  • Select the malicious one and drag it to “Trash” folder

Delete AdjustableProcess from “LaunchDaemons” folder

  • Press “COMMAND + SHIFT + G” together to open “Go To Folder”
  • Type “/Library/LaunchDaemons” command in “Go To Folder” and hit “Go” button
  • Check for any malicious files or folders associated with AdjustableProcess in the list
  • Select it and drag it to “Trash” folder

Manual method: Remove all the malicious extensions or add-ons related to AdjustableProcess from web browsers

Remove malicious extensions or add-ons from Safari browser

  • Open “Safari” browser and click on “Safari Menu”
  • Go to “Preferences > Extensions”
  • Now, find the malicious extensions in the list
  • Select the malicious one and click on “Uninstall” button to remove the extensions

Uninstall all the plug-ins related to AdjustableProcess from Mozilla Firefox

  • Open “Mozilla Firefox” and click on “Firefox Menu” or “Gear Menu”
  • Go to “Add-ons > Extensions”
  • Now, look for any recently installed suspicious add-ons in the list
  • Select it and click on “Remove” button

Remove AdjustableProcess related extensions from Google Chrome

  • Open “Google Chrome” and click on “Chrome Menu” or “Gear icon”
  • Go to “More Tools > Extensions”
  • Locate malicious extensions or plug-ins in the list
  • Remove the malicious one by clicking on “Remove” button

Automatic method: Remove AdjustableProcess and other infections from Mac Computer

The solution given above is about manual method of malware removal. Now comes to automatic method, we advise to download/install and use “Combo Cleaner” anti-malware software to eliminate all types of malware or spyware from your Mac OS X devices in very quick time. There is no need technical knowledge to implement this step i.e., both technical & non-technical users can easily use this tool for malware elimination.

“Combo Cleaner” antivirus software is powerful security program for Mac OS X devices that is designed to perform various actions against threats and help to boost up the PC performance. It features adware scanning, malware scanning, disk cleaner, smart scanning, external hard drive scanning, duplicate file finder, privacy scanner, big files finder, App uninstaller, etc.

Main features of “Combo Cleaner” anti-malware:

Disk cleaner: This powerful anti-malware software evaluates the contents of your hard disk and advises on the amount of memory that’s safe to remove. It detects unnecessary application caches, downloads, app logs and allow for emptying the “Trash” folder in just one click.

Big File Finder: It checks your local and external storage device for items that take up much disk space and may no longer on your Mac. The default preset looks for files larger than 100 MB, but you can easily customize this parameter by indicating a smaller value.

Duplicate Files finder: This powerful anti-malware is also capable of detecting identical copies or similar matches of same file particularly relevant for photos, audio files and videos which are often download repeatedly.

Antivirus: It is one of fundamental components of “Combo Cleaner” security software that allows users to scan their PCs for malware or other types of infections. It identifies Mac Malware including adware, browser hijackers, popup viruses, Trojan, worm or other types of malware.

Privacy Scanner: It focuses on analyzing the installed web browsers and email clients for “breadcrumbs” that may disclose your personal data and thus pose risk to your identity. This powerful antivirus software takes care of sneaky threats to your online privacy as well as boosts browser performance by removing junk from browser.

How to download/install and use “Combo Cleaner” anti-malware software?

  • Click on “Download” button below to download “Combo Cleaner” anti-malware in your computer

Download Antimalware Tool For Mac

  • Locate the “Installer file” and drag it to “Applications” folder

  • Open “Combo Cleaner” and click on “Antivirus” tab

  • Now, click on “Start Scan Now” button to start the scan
  • It will display scan results on screen. If it shows “No Threats Found”, this mean that you can continue with removal guide and if it shows the list of threats detected by this security tool, then click on “Remove All Threats” button to remove them

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