How to remove (SearchMine) from Mac

Complete information about virus is identified as dangerous redirect virus that gets inside your computer secretly and causes plenty of annoying troubles. It has been developed by group of cyber hackers with their evil intention and wrong motives. Once manages to get inside, it takes complete control famous browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE and others. Due to attendance of this creepy malware, you have to encounter with problems such as sluggish and unresponsive PC behavior, occurrence of false alert messages and notification and others. virus is capable to change existing homepage, search page and new tab without having your any permission or knowledge. For smooth proper functioning of computer, it is advised for you to take quick action for removal of this malware.

Threat summary of

Category: Browser Hijacker, redirect virus, Mac Malware

Level of Danger: High

Affected OS: All Windows versions

Associated domains:,,

Symptoms: Forcibly redirects your search query to strange or suspicious domains, sluggish and unresponsive PC behavior, occurrence of false alert messages and notification, prevents you adding new hardware or software, etc

Damage Caused: Your default Internet and browsers settings gets changed, restricts you add new hardware or software components, changes desktop background and other vital settings like font size, themes, etc

Entry Method: Attacks your computer via spam or junk email attachments, shareware or freeware downloads, p2p sharing of files, use of infected storage device, visiting adult websites, bundling method and others

Removal Guide: It is advised to try for Combo Cleaner Anti-malware. It helps you to search for malicious threat by scanning your entire drive using advance and highly sophisticated algorithm. If you find any doubtful threat, it is suggested to eliminate soon

Dangerous activities caused by

Once get trapped, it interrupts your online session and restricts to perform normal tasks both online and offline. Your search query online are redirected to websites filled with sponsored ads, promotional codes, banner advertisements and others. It has capability to block all active process and running application without your any permission or knowledge. Sometimes, it diverts you to domains asking you to take part in online surveys, quiz contest and play games online. Further, it claims that you are lucky and you have won attractive prizes like iPhone, iPad, Led TVs, etc. You are asked for your personal and confidential details such as IP addresses, credit card number, password of social sites and others. All such information is automatically transported to remote server of hackers.

Besides, it inserts malign codes to boot section and start up that helps to auto generate in network environment or via removable storage device. It messes up with system files and adds corrupt entries to registry editor without your any authorization. If this creepy malware stay for longer time, you have to encounter with problems such as deletion of important system files, hamper of vital hardware components, crashes or freezes of PC and others. So, it becomes necessary for you to take quick action to remove virus and all its related files completely.

Entry method used by (SearchMine) virus to target your Mac browser hijacker threat targets your computer through Adobe Flash Player updaters. It asks you to update flash player on your computer. When you go through installation method and update this program, it adds malicious codes secretly to your computer. It invites other dangerous viruses such as Trojan, worms, rootkits, backdoor and others by taking benefits of security loopholes and network vulnerabilities.

Bundling is other common method that is used by cyber hackers to target your PC. When you install some new application and program from Internet and choose for automatic method of installation. It causes high risk and makes easy for hackers to add malicious codes. It is always advised to select for custom or advance option of installation. It facilitates you to select files manually and reduce risk of harmful viruses to get placed on targeted machine.

Guide to remove virus completely

For instant and complete removal of this threat, you have two best methods named as automatic and manual guide. Automatic steps has safe and effective option, it not requires high technical skills to run the programs. If you are novice then also you can go through removal method and finish task in few simple mouse clicks. While manual guide has complex and lengthy method, it needs strong knowledge of registry entries and system files to end process safely. Therefore, it is suggested for you to opt for automatic process for complete removal from PC.


If your Mac has been infected try for powerful Anti-malware Combo Cleaner that scans your entire drive and allow you search for malicious viruses. If you found any during scanning, it is suggested to eliminate soon.

Recommended methods for removal: Solution for Mac OS X Devices is capable of injecting harmful codes in your Mac OS X devices without your knowledge and starts corrupting major genuine functions or applications in very quick time. To avoid the detection of malicious activities related to this virus, attackers attempt to block security applications/tools running in your device that causes serious troubles. So, you need to remove this type of infection as soon as possible.

It is possible to delete and all the related components including unwanted programs from PCs and malicious extensions associated to this virus. Here, we are discussing about manual method and automatic method of malware removal that could help you to detect the location malicious files in your computer and remove them safely. Manual method is time consuming and requires lots of technical knowledge or enough computer Knowledge. On other hand, automatic method is user-friendly and easy method that can be helpful for both technical & non-technical users. Let’s take have a look at both the methods one-by-one.

Manual Method: Remove related components from Mac OS X

Remove related applications from “Applications” folder

  • Click on “Finder” icon and select “Applications” to open “Applications” folder
  • In the opened “Applications” folder, locate related applications in the list
  • Select the malicious one and drag it to “Trash” folder

Eliminate from “LaunchAgents” folder

  • Go to “Go > Go To Folder…”
  • Type “/Library/LaunchAgents” in “Go To Folder..” and click on “Go” button
  • Now, search for malicious programs in the list
  • Select it and drag it to “Trash” folder

Remove from “Application Support” folder

  • Navigate to “Go > Go To Folder…”
  • In the opened “Go To Folder”, type “/Library /Application Support” and then click on “Go” button
  • Now, find the malicious files or folders related to in the list
  • Select the malicious one and drag it to “Trash” folder

Delete from “LaunchDaemons” folder

  • Press “COMMAND + SHIFT + G” together to open “Go To Folder”
  • Type “/Library/LaunchDaemons” command in “Go To Folder” and hit “Go” button
  • Check for any malicious files or folders associated with in the list
  • Select it and drag it to “Trash” folder

Manual method: Remove all the malicious extensions or add-ons related to from web browsers

Remove malicious extensions or add-ons from Safari browser

  • Open “Safari” browser and click on “Safari Menu”
  • Go to “Preferences > Extensions”
  • Now, find the malicious extensions in the list
  • Select the malicious one and click on “Uninstall” button to remove the extensions

Uninstall all the plug-ins related to from Mozilla Firefox

  • Open “Mozilla Firefox” and click on “Firefox Menu” or “Gear Menu”
  • Go to “Add-ons > Extensions”
  • Now, look for any recently installed suspicious add-ons in the list
  • Select it and click on “Remove” button

Remove related extensions from Google Chrome

  • Open “Google Chrome” and click on “Chrome Menu” or “Gear icon”
  • Go to “More Tools > Extensions”
  • Locate malicious extensions or plug-ins in the list
  • Remove the malicious one by clicking on “Remove” button

Automatic method: Remove and other infections from Mac Computer

The solution given above is about manual method of malware removal. Now comes to automatic method, we advise to download/install and use “Combo Cleaner” anti-malware software to eliminate all types of malware or spyware from your Mac OS X devices in very quick time. There is no need technical knowledge to implement this step i.e., both technical & non-technical users can easily use this tool for malware elimination.

“Combo Cleaner” antivirus software is powerful security program for Mac OS X devices that is designed to perform various actions against threats and help to boost up the PC performance. It features adware scanning, malware scanning, disk cleaner, smart scanning, external hard drive scanning, duplicate file finder, privacy scanner, big files finder, App uninstaller, etc.

Main features of “Combo Cleaner” anti-malware:

Disk cleaner: This powerful anti-malware software evaluates the contents of your hard disk and advises on the amount of memory that’s safe to remove. It detects unnecessary application caches, downloads, app logs and allow for emptying the “Trash” folder in just one click.

Big File Finder: It checks your local and external storage device for items that take up much disk space and may no longer on your Mac. The default preset looks for files larger than 100 MB, but you can easily customize this parameter by indicating a smaller value.

Duplicate Files finder: This powerful anti-malware is also capable of detecting identical copies or similar matches of same file particularly relevant for photos, audio files and videos which are often download repeatedly.

Antivirus: It is one of fundamental components of “Combo Cleaner” security software that allows users to scan their PCs for malware or other types of infections. It identifies Mac Malware including adware, browser hijackers, popup viruses, Trojan, worm or other types of malware.

Privacy Scanner: It focuses on analyzing the installed web browsers and email clients for “breadcrumbs” that may disclose your personal data and thus pose risk to your identity. This powerful antivirus software takes care of sneaky threats to your online privacy as well as boosts browser performance by removing junk from browser.

How to download/install and use “Combo Cleaner” anti-malware software?

  • Click on “Download” button below to download “Combo Cleaner” anti-malware in your computer

Download Antimalware Tool For Mac

  • Locate the “Installer file” and drag it to “Applications” folder

  • Open “Combo Cleaner” and click on “Antivirus” tab

  • Now, click on “Start Scan Now” button to start the scan
  • It will display scan results on screen. If it shows “No Threats Found”, this mean that you can continue with removal guide and if it shows the list of threats detected by this security tool, then click on “Remove All Threats” button to remove them

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